Data is valuable, because the stories it tells teach us about people: about their behavior, their motivations and their actions.

It gives you insights and knowledge on how consumers act online and offline. We recognized the tremendous significance of this information very early on, and in 2010 we set out to store and logically evaluate this data in order to sustainably transform marketing and make it more efficient.

Today we are one of the leading providers of marketing attribution, and we are helping Germany’s most important advertisers, e-commerce firms and media agencies to improve the deployment of their marketing resources and increase their sales. In real time and with full transparency.

We are proud of what we do, and are driven to continue thinking ahead and being proactive.



Jörn Grunert CEO

Matthias Cada SVP Customer Success

Florian Holz Director Attribution

Thomas Zipfel Director Technology & Development

Sven Fiehler Sales Director

Ralf Simon HR Manager


We love what we do, and we are committed to uncovering new trends, innovations and promising optimization opportunities. Every day, our team comes together to accomplish our goals – physically in our offices in Düsseldorf and Frankfurt, and virtually in our home offices and conference rooms, as well as at the captivating ad-tech events where one can encounter us on a regular basis.

Vision: One technology for maximum creativity.

We want to simplify our customers' lives. We do this by using our experience and technology to help you with the entire media planning and optimization process. Exactag can deliver results that no human can and will ever match. This allows your people to concentrate on the things that sets them apart: Their creativity.

Mission: Opening eyes with impressive results.

We are revolutionizing our customers’ marketing. The old, one-dimensional approach is now a thing of the past – thanks to our transparent, dynamic and fully flexible model. With tailor-made solutions for each company’s individual systems and requirements. For more ‘Oohs!’ ‘Aahs!’ and ‘Yeahs!’ Each and every day.

Our promise: Your success is our success.

We're never satisfied until everything is just right – until all of the touchpoints have been accounted for, all of the factors are transparent, all of the interactions have been revealed and all of the publishers have been fairly accounted for. In short: not until everything is under control, and every customer journey is able to tell its authentic story.


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