Our customers are more to us than simply users of our technologies and algorithms. They are the source of our inspiration and our motivation to always think things a little bit further, they open up new opportunities and they drive us keep innovating. Using our technology to make their lives easier and helping them to make optimum use of their potential is our objective, and every day we give our all to achieve it.

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Bernd Hoffmann,
Chief Client Officer

“By cooperating with Exactag, we get access to an ideal tool which allows us to simply and clearly aggregate all data and make it available to our customers. The well-arranged and easy to use dashboard displays all relevant KPIs at a glance, including individually defined KPIs by a customer. Thus, potential problems and inconsistencies can be noticed right when they occur, so that countermeasures and optimization can be executed promptly.”

DB Vertrieb GmbH:
Bülent Inci,
Director Performance Marketing

"The knowledge and the impulse we gain by using Exactag’s solution have proven to be extremely valuable for our daily work on campaign optimization. Thereby, it is easy to comprehend how this solution operates. Attributed KPIs, for instance the Cost-per-Order, show us how to use budgets more efficiently."

Eurowings Aviation GmbH:
Jan Klippel,
Senior Consultant eCommerce

“By working with Exactag, we have an attribution partner who responds to our needs in a very individual manner and with high information density. Together, we implement solutions that prove to be extremely valuable to us, for instance regarding the realization of new KPIs. Additionally, Exactag’s tool demonstrates its excellence in cross-device attribution.”

Vodafone / Kabel Deutschland:
Paul Höser,
Head of Performance Marketing,

"Every time we get into the act of planning our marketing decisions, the economical potential of Exactag’s tool is highly visible. Especially the predictions concerning the sales in each different channel are outstandingly well modeled and let us reenact this process at all times. Exactag’s attribution allows us to assign each single channel to its achieved returns. Thus, Exactag is an important subsidiary for campaign management. The use of TV tracking is another useful tool for the optimization of media planning at Vodafone."

David Rahnaward Basar,
Senior Project Leader Online Marketing

“As a leader in the German online market for fashion and lifestyle, our goal was to create a fair and performance-oriented compensation program for all of our marketing partners involved in the Customer Journey. Exactag has proved themselves by partnering with us to implement their powerful tool and help us achieve our goals.“

Doc Morris:
Frank Tausendfreund,
Head of Digital Business

“The performance of Exactag is impressive. Even our most complex requirements could be easily implemented in their platform, which supports a large number of advanced solutions. Our experience has been confirmed time and again, and we will expand our partnership in the future to cover new topics in user-centric advertising.“

Carina Reinisch,
Head of Performance Marketing

“Exactag enables us to receive detailed performance insights into our customer journeys for our daily business and therefore identify efficiencies and correlations of our online and offline marketing activity. With the help of accurate tracking, dynamic attribution and expert consulting from Exactag, we gain valuable insights and recommendations for continuous channel and publisher optimization. Based on previous experience, we plan to use additional Exactag features in the future to improve the brand experience of our customers even further.“

Tchibo GmbH:
Daniel Zelgin,
Head of Online Performance Marketing

“Exactag’s marketing attribution tool enables us to create the necessary transparency regarding all services which our partners and cooperating agencies offer. The insights we gain from using the tool are especially of high value to us, when it comes to planning and optimizing our marketing budget.“


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