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Marketing Attribution

Classic advertising effectiveness analysis and measurement methods provide only a partial picture of the success of promotional activities and do not deliver the results that are possible with modern methods. The increasing digitalization provides terabytes of information that can be evaluated with the latest technologies and algorithms to provide the exact value contributions of channels, publishers, and campaigns.

Proper attribution enables advertisers and agencies to identify the value contribution of advertising campaigns, placements, and creative to drive the right decisions. Exactag’s attribution solution helps clients by providing the true answers to the proper questions.

The right algorithm

Today's attribution models are mostly rule or regression-based and are therefore subject to the discretion of the analysts.

Exactag’s algorithm performs a situation-based analysis on the collaboration between advertising channels and publishers. These analyses provide a neutral, robust, and mathematically correct calculation of Attribution. Exactag’s systems calculate continuously on all available data and customer journeys to guarantee that the attribution is always up-to-date, enabling the advertiser to respond quickly to market changes.

Optimal budget allocations require a comprehensive understanding of each individual touch point’s value contribution

Understanding the customer journey and the value contribution of each advertising activity is the key to toward optimizing advertising efforts. The correct value contributions allow the marketer to decide which elements are working and which are not and how best to distribute new budget.

A marketer using Exactag will be leaner and more efficient then their competitors.

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Flexible Attribution Models

Exactag offers a variety of attribution models like standardized rule-based attribution models (5 + 1, Bathtub, Linear, Ramp Up), data-driven models, and customized models. All models can be fine-tuned and can be adjusted with different parameters such as channel weights, relevance of keywords, or product categories.


Dynamic Publisher Notification

The Exactag solution is able to notify a contributing publisher of their influence and the final commission in Real Time. The publishers and partners can use this data to enhance their performance, which leads to more enthusiastic adoption.


Data-driven attribution model

Exactag determines, with great precision, the individual value contributions of all advertising partners. Sophisticated algorithms coupled with a high-performance infrastructure enable fast response to changes in the market and full transparency at all times. Rigid and inflexible attribution models are a thing of the past.


Budget Allocation

Exactag enables an automated cost-benefit analysis for all publishers and enables fine-tuning of an entire advertising budget. This also allows analysis of current campaigns and guidelines for media optimization.

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