Only comprehensive data
makes big data smart

Data Collection

The analysis of big data is a critical step in making the correct marketing decisions. In order to make a comprehensive and valuable analysis, you need meaningful and complete data from your online and offline marketing channels. Not only the ad and website traffic but also from traditional media such as TV, direct mail, and catalog.

Exactag’s Data Collection solution specialises in the capturing the complete customer journey across all channels on an individual customer level. Focusing on the complete collection of all the advertising activities is one of our key differentiators from a classical website analysis tool.

The path to conversion often touches
multiple channels, devices, and various platforms.

Before making a purchase, the average consumer has interacted with a brand through at least 5 different touch-points. Customers are consulting friends on social networks, searching for the lowest prices in the search engine, clicking on banners, and finding deals on coupon sites. To complicate matters, this all takes place on different devices at the home, on-the-go, and at work.

By focusing on the last interaction only, you will miss the real journey the customer took when considering your product.

All data in a silo

A full set of data for marketing decisions goes beyond the collection of transactional data. Costs, sales, CRM data, external sources (e.g. catalog, TV measurement, etc.) are part of the complete picture. Exactag’s Data Collection solution provides a connection to publishers, ad servers, website tracking tools, and ERP systems in order to compile the most comprehensive set of data available.

Tag Management

With complex campaigns, varied digital assets, and an ever-increasing number of partners, the implementation of tracking codes is a daunting task. At the same time, the advertiser is losing control of his data to third parties. The use of Exactag’s Tag Management solution reduces costs to a minimum, protects IT resources, controls the data sovereignty, and puts the control back in the marketing departments – where it really belongs.

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